— William King

I’m now 43 years old with an 13 year old daughter and have been involved with professional photography for twenty + years. I still love it.

I developed that love through my first passion – design – and it was while studying graphic design that I first felt the passion, the joy and the wonder of watching a print appear in front of my eyes in the darkroom and realising that I had nailed it. The vision I had in my head was right there in front of me.

That was a while ago but it hasn’t changed – that desire to create, to answer, to realise and discover. Of course I’m not a student anymore, and like any good successful business I am focused on making clients happy, giving them creative, effective and valuable assets for their precise needs and I am very experienced at it with all the production knowledge and technical and creative skills that comes with years of practice but you still need that desire, that want and that need.

I think that this matters, if you want to have an edge and have that something about your work that lifts it. Whatever it is that you are doing, it’s more than pride.

Right now I’m shooting for advertising and design agencies as well as direct with a few clients and also working closely with Getty Images on creating images for their high end rights managed collections which sell worldwide. If you want to see what is available for licensing through them then please click here. My commissioned work ranges from international PLC’s and blue chips to much smaller concerns and I try to remain amenable to both.

If you like this kind of info I shoot on both high end 35mm digital and Phase One medium format digital systems and I operate stringent colour control using calibrated Eizo monitors and my large coved Bristol based studio is equipped with fast discharge Profoto equipment which will go anywhere in the world. I am also in London a lot these days and have various places to shoot across the city to suit you.  Click here to send me a message.